Meet Our Mad Scientists

Get to know the instructors of Mad Science of Mad science Vancouver Island. Fire, ice, rockets ... they handle it all. The excitement of new experiences with science as well as with the children in the class make this the best job on the planet. The never-ending string of questions children bring to you makes you realize how amazing and fragile the world around us is.

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Mad scientist with fire in both hands

Our Team

Our amazing team of Mad Scientists dazzle children with their outgoing personalities that bring our science programs to life. Every member of our staff is focused on creating unforgettable experiences for each and every child; helping us spark imaginative learning throughout the Vancouver Island area.

Each one of our Mad Scientists has experience working with preschool or elementary-level children. They have excellent presentation and classroom management skills, and they have all undergone an extensive background check.

Our Mad Scientists

Neutron Ronnie

“I love working for Mad Science because my official title is “Mad Scientist”! How cool is that! In addition, every week is different! Since you are teaching kids a new class each week, and there are many classes on rotation, it never gets boring. ”

Molecule Molly

“I love working for Mad Science because kids think that I’m a rock star! Kids can’t wait to get to class and learn about science… who would have thought! I like that the job; I do make a difference in their lives.”

Saturn Steven

“I love working for Mad Science because I like working with children and seeing their imaginations spark with each experiment! I love it when I do an experiment and they all go "WHOAAAAA!" at the same time. That's exciting."

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